Where does the Curcuma Comosa herb come from and is it safe to consume?

CC Herb is proud that the herb we offer is 100% natural and safe to consume, with no negative side effects to worry about. Curcuma Comosa is a species of plant that is part of the ginger family. It’s native to much of Asia, although it is most commonly located in Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. Most of our Curcuma Comosa is sourced in the Northern Provinces of Thailand, and is checked regularly to ensure our customers are receiving only the premium quality harvests.

What is the recommended dosage?

Studies have shown that consuming 2-3 capsules, 3 times a day is the most effective way of taking Curcuma Comosa. It is advised to take each dosage after eating, followed by drinking some water. We do not recommend missing a dosage, as it can cause diminished results, when compared to those who stick to their supplement schedule.

How do I know if Curcuma Comosa is the right herb for me?

Curcuma Comosa is a herb that offers benefits to women of all ages. With each passing year, studies reveal new aspects of this herbs usefulness, furthering the popular notion that this is indeed a wonder herb for women. Effective in aiding menopausal symptoms, period pains and also body toning due to both pregnancy and ageing, there are very few women that would not experience some kind of benefit from Curcuma Comosa.

How can Curcuma Comosa help with my period pains?

Curcuma Comosa has been proven to be effective in diminishing, and in some experiences completely eradicating, the abdominal pains and cramping associated with monthly periods. In addition to this, consuming Curcuma Comosa can also bring regularity to your period, where it being late or not occurring becomes a thing of the past. Thanks to its hormonal properties, this herb has also been shown to reduce mood swings and feelings of depression.

How about menopausal symptoms, what can Curcuma Comosa do to help with those?

There are countless testimonials raving about the effects of Curcuma Comosa, and how it has made day to day life during the menopause much more tolerable. Hot flashes are significantly reduced, energy levels are boosted and vaginal dryness is avoided. Many women have also noted that they are experiencing an increased libido since starting their Curcuma Comosa program.

Can Curcuma Comosa actually be used as an alternative to HRT?

Not in every case, but studies have noted many instances where women who have only recently began experiencing menopausal symptoms, have actually restarted their periods through consuming Curcuma Comosa.

How can Curcuma Comosa help me regain my figure after childbirth?

It is a well known fact that childbirth poses an enormous strain on the female body. Curcuma Comosa can help the female body to recover, by tightening stomach muscles and adding firmness to breasts.

Does Curcuma Comosa have a tightening effect on the vagina?

Yes, Curcuma Comosa possesses the unique ability to both strengthen the uterine wall and tighten the vaginal muscles. Many of our clients have provided feedback noting that their partners have also noted significant tightening, making this herb a popular choice for many women post pregnancy, as it avoids the unpleasantness of surgery or endless tightening exercises.

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